Paramaribo Welcome To Sweet Suriname

Or Fa Waka (pronounced [fa: wa:ka:]) – which is how we great each other in Suriname, regardless which language we speak. It means both Welcome and How are you?

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About Conscious Coaching

Regiljo Nijman

My name is Regiljo Nijman, founder of Conscious Coaching, and I will be your Language Instructor during your time in Suriname.
I am a licensed Language Teacher and Trainer with Surinamese roots and international experience, specialized in teaching according to learning needs.

  • Licensed Language Teacher
  • Licensed Translator

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Regular classes in Dutch and Sranan Tongo

Sign up for classes to learn Dutch at a pace that is comfortable for you.

Classes are once a week or twice a week.

Classes are at the Embassy or online via zoom.

Post Language Services also offers regular classes in Sranan Tongo.

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Crash Course in Dutch and Sranan Tongo

Start an interactive 8-week Dutch crash course at the Embassy to learn the basics of the Dutch Language. After 8 weeks you will be able to start a conversation and respond properly in every-day situations.

Classes are twice a week and conclude with a practical exam

Exclusive Post Language Services for Employees of the U.S. Embassy

Suriname is the most forested country in the world with more than 90% covered by unspoiled Amazon Rainforest. It is also the most ethnically diverse country of South America, with more than 5 major ethnic groups living together.

More than 10 different languages are spoken across Suriname. Most of you will be stationed in the capital, Paramaribo, where the most common languages are Dutch and Sranan Tongo.

Professional Translation Coach

Walk In Hours

Walk-in hours are occasions in which you can visit the language classroom and ask questions or share experiences about the Surinamese languages and culture. It is also a chance to get more information about the Language Services. Your spouse or teenage children can step in to receive the specific assistance they need at that moment regarding language, culture, settling in or related matters. This unique service is a great way to familiarize yourself with the possibilities of the Post Language Services at the Embassy. It can also be supportive in getting to know Suriname while you get settled in. Walk-in hours are every Thursday from 12.00 pm to 13.00 pm.

Other language-related services

Post Language Services offers translation services of your written texts and audio excerpts. We also assist with screening your written text or with preparing for your Dutch speech. Contact us to make an appointment.

Experience Surinamese Cultures

 We invite you to step in during walk-in hours to receive more information about sessions, excursions or advice.

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