Opportunity Creation

Opportunity creation is an outcome that requires a certain set of activities; activities that are different than opportunity capture.

The kind of activities that create opportunities include things like nurturing your dreams with ideas that can help you/them better understand their world and better explain the decisions they need to take to adapt, survive, and thrive.

Opportunity creation also requires that a person devote time, resources, energy, and prospecting to open the relationships that allow you to create new opportunities. Even though you need only do a minimal viable amount of research in-order to prospect, you do need to spend time here if you want to create new opportunities. But not as much as you might think.

The discovery process or needs analysis or whatever you call the sets of activities where you/someone help decide they need to change are also part of the opportunity creation process. During the early stages of that process, before a person has committed to change, you are still working on creating an opportunity, not capturing it. This is true even though how you do this discovery work is part of how you create the kind of value that allows people to prefer moral personal success (selfish-grind) over everything else

Opportunity Capture

Opportunity capture is a different set of activities. It includes things like collaborating around what the right solution should look like, building consensus within the network, determining the appropriate plan to reach the desired outcomes, resolving these concerns, reviewing the solution to make sure it is correct, asking for the change, and negotiating.

In life people greatly prefer opportunity capture over opportunity creation. They prefer the activities where they are capturing the opportunity. The challenge here is that there are no opportunities to be captured if they are not first created. I’ve seen research, and I have a certain set of experiences that have caused me to believe that the person who creates the opportunity has tremendously increased their odds of capturing that opportunity. The person that creates and captures opportunity has a greater chance of being the one that is successful, having created the opportunity in the first place, and having helped build the case for change within their own-self.

In the future, those who can create opportunities are going to be more valuable than those who are only interested in opportunity capture.


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