For professional translations: You can use the Online Translation Form. Upload your file and make an online translation quote. Otherwise, you can send your file through the contact form, in order to receive the cost via email and the special link to place your order. For certified translations: Only use the contact form in order to receive the cost via email and the order link to file your order.
The translation cost is a result of the amount of words of the original document multiplied with the cost per source word depending on the language combination, for example 150 words x 0,05 € = 7,5 € You can calculate the number of words of your document here. If your translation is official, then the cost of certification will be added, depending on the case and number of documents. For example: for 1 document of 150 words, we have: 150 x 0,05 € = 7,5 € + certified fee.
Depending on the number of words, a reasonable timeframe is necessary for the completion of the translation. Translators translate approximately 1000-1500 words per day.
When a translation is complete, it appears on your Account at menu Jobs. You can download it by clicking Download Translation.Every time a translation is complete, you will receive a notification e-mail.
You can see live the status of your translation at your Account at Job Section. If you need anything you can contact the translator by clicking on Speech Bubbles.
Depending on the country you are based on, there are several ways via which you can pay directly on our site using your debit or credit card, PayPal, or direct wire transfer. If you need to change your pre-selected payment method, you can send us an e-mail thus informing us about the new one. *Don’t forget to include the Order Number into your e-mail.
Yes. We translate large amounts of content in many fields, extending from general business texts to those requiring the expert’s knowledge or industry expertise.
We offer instant machine translation in over 90 languages and an accurate human translation in 39 language pairs.

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